New ACL Tear Technology

Here at Elite Healthcare we are constantly hearing about new technology within the health industry. This video shows one of our new favorite technologies. A doctor at Boston Children's Hospital has discovered a new method of treatment for a common injury, especially in athletes: an ACL tear. Until today, ACL reconstruction required a graft (taking a ligament from elsewhere and using it to reconstruct the ACL). The healing process from this can take anywhere from 6-9 months. However, this new technology has the chance of reducing that time to 8 weeks. Click the link below to watch for yourself:

We love hearing about new technology and would love to hear about any new health industry technology that you have heard of recently! 

Next time you or someone you know requires an ACL surgery, think back to this new technique. And when surgery is complete come visit us at one of our Elite Healthcare offices and we'll make your recovery process as easy as we can!