How to Treat a Cold and Flu Naturally

As cold and flu season comes, it is important to be educated on the helpful tricks that will fight and treat both. According to WebMD there are 8 tricks to prevent and treat. These 8 tricks are:

1- Blow your nose often- Do not force it and make this a painful experience, blow to clear your nose and be sure to wash your hands after.

2- Stay rested- Resting allows your body to focus on attacking the flu.

3- Gargle- Gargling a warm liquid can temporarily relieve pain in the throat. Adding a spoonful of salt to warm water help to fight itching in the throat.

4- Drink hot liquids- Hot drinks relieve nasal congestion, help prevent dehydration, and sooth inflammation in the nose and throat.

5- Take a steamy shower- Steam can help to moisten your nasal passage and aid in relaxing you.

6- Apply hot or cold packs around the congested sinuses- Either temperature may help you feel more comfortable.

7- Sleep with an extra pillow under your head- This helps to drain the nasal passage.

8- Don't fly unless necessary- Changing altitude can add stress to your respiratory. Flying with a cold or flu can add extra pain to the eardrum. 

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